I kinda regret not taking photos of my chicken cornflakes last Saturday.
W requested that I make some. I Googled and conquered!

I used thigh chicken fillets. No bones but still awesome in taste! I combined egg, milk, flour, salt and pepper for my dipping batter. Then rolled the chicken in crushed Kelloggs cornflakes. It was fun crushing them since I used my palms against a plate full of cornflakes!

I baked them to perfection! 25 minutes in our small oven … it smelled so awesome. I used butter flavored Pam on my pan. Imagine if I used real butter! Yummy!!

They were so crispy but soft inside! It was so amazing I can’t believe it was so simple to make it! Haha I know I must sound so damn proud but yeah I really liked it. I just need a recipe for good home made gravy says my husband. Baka we can trick people into saying it’s an authentic southern recipe daw hehe

It’s just so frakin hot recently so I’m kinda tamad to cook. Yes. Let’s blame it on the weather! 🙂

Oh yea, check this out… the guys are Kelloggs were uhmmm drunk? 🙂



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