One of those Bad Nights

So my younger bro called me at around 10pm tonight asking me to go on Skype.

When the video appeared, my Mom was lying down with an ice pack on her head. She tripped on a loose tile in the rest room of Barrio Fiesta in EDSA. She fell on her knees and I’m not sure if she hit her head on the floor. she has a big bukol on her forehead. My Mom is 64 years old and a regular of Barrio Fiesta EDSA. She actually posts her visits there on her Facebook.

She was given ice for her head. I don’t know if she was offered to be brought to the hospital. Nearest was Cardinal but she didn’t. Of course at that time the pain wasn’t much. But then she said it was getting worse. When we were talking I was furious that she’s not taking things seriously. We told her she needs an xray as it was a head injury. We had to threaten her that we will call her siblings if she won’t go get herself checked. I was worried she might have a concussion.

We called Ninong Rollie, her doc bro who is also here in Manila. We found out during their conversation that she also has neck pain and the pain from her bump is now crawling to her eye.she was then ordered to go have an xray and maybe a ct scan. When they got off the phone I felt really bad. I asked mom why she was telling us half truths but when her brother was asking she was telling him honestly what hurts, etc.

I saw that mom was getting teary eyed. Anyway I told her wag na matigas ulo, get dressed na and go to the nearest hospital, St. Lukes Global. I knew she was worried about gastos since her health card is expired and was transferred na to W ever since we got married. I told her to use my credit card na lang.

They left around past 10pm and I was constantly in touch with Daddy and Kuya for updates. They left at 230am. She had a few tests done. Xray and and ct scan. Thank God it’s all normal. I assumed that kasi matigas ulo ni Mom hehe but seriously, at the back of my head I was panicking because I remembered my friend Dianne’s mom. She just had a really bad head ache and apparently she was having blood clot na. She didn’t make it. Can’t blame me for wanting the best for my mom right?

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow and I feel bad that she has a black eye. Anyway, we’re coming home tomorrow and will cook. I really hope she feels better.


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