Oh my goodness I ate too much yesterday! I had several slices of peaches in the morning, lengua tacos with awesome jalapenos for lunch (because it’s Cinco de Mayo!) And pork inihaw for dinner.

So today, I had really bad stomach. And I was so sleepy. I tried mint tea, it just calmed my stomach for a short while. Then I made papak the honey packs I got from Starbucks. I also trird Gatorade. And tried hot Vietnamese soup but nothing helped. Ouch tummy and super sleepy.


Filipino Viet: toge, calamansi and basil

Tonight I read a few articles about conquering dispepsia and saw that mixing 1 tbsp of apple cider with 1 tbsp of honey in warm 5 ounce water will help. So far I feel better and I’m on my 2 round. It makes you flatulent and the smell is really awful but truat me, it makes things better.

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