Comedy of Errors

Oh my goodness! C was laugh his ass off last night!


We got married 2012 and got this check/gift from Mom’s friend Tita Wilma Ignacio. She wasnt able to go to our wedding, such sadness. Anyway, this gift still made it to us.

Fast forward January 2013, C and I had a lot of banking things to do since some of these dear guests put Mr and Mrs In our check. We left this one out. For some reason it was stuck in our drawer. Come July 2013 we found it. Asked Mom to ask Tita Wilma to counter sign on the date. She wasn’t able to until December, we gave it up.

C was annoyed that we lost the gift. Oh well.

But last night Mom texted me that the check expires June 29 2014. I said no Mom, it’s 2013 … She was like, no, the date is 2013 on the check!

I needed proof because. I didn’t really look at the check often. C held it most of the time. So I asked Mom to send a photo.


It is 2013!

We were really laughing our asses off!!


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