Life and Lemons

Yesterday, my CMF and i went to Shangrila to do groceries at Rustans. Before heading to the supermarket, I popped in KSNY to see if they have my Amara 2. Of course, wala. But W said this matched me dress:


And then they also have it for an iPad Mini (tempted but I’m still not a fan of my iPad!):


This is cute too:

Too much cute lemons! Maybe I’ll have another look again later at Newport but KSNY is a tad bit expensive here compared to the States. We’ll see kung matiis ko. Hehe

No wonder only a few people go to Rustans Shang for groceries … Elevators to the parking is so bad! You have to take the service elevator! Tapos the aisles are so sikip! Oh well. Not to mention a handful of items have more than Php 5 on them than in Hypermart. I told C that we’ll just get meat and seafood from Rustans pero the rest Hypermart na lang. Shucks I’m such a home maker lol ang babaw, yun lang eh! But cmon, I’ve improved a lot. From spoiled only girl to cute responsible wife. ❀️ i’m so cute. ( haha dont mind me!)

I’ve been having this weird dry nose thing. As in super sakit. I read that vco might help. So I put some last night. Smells good. It made things better but it drips sometimes haha and then last night I kept dreaming my nose hurts real bad. And I wake up in the middle of the night na super ouchie right nostril. I go back to sleep then see in my dream that I have a small lemon shaped and flavored candy in my nose haha yucks what the heck right! Too much lemons today!!


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