Drained on Monday

Monday morning started early for me and W. Dra. Perona wanted to see me at 8am and I was gonna have my last FM3.

At 715am we were in TMC. The Doctor Without Manners is a different story. It’s when you see someone with ana nnoying face na nga, tapos gagawa pa ng annoying thing. I couldn’t stress myself out so we were just letting things happen.

I had several trips to the rest room before my turn. Past 830am I had my FM3 done. As usual, it’s uncomfy but this has to be the most painful one. I’m happy I didn’t get the small room with temp of 18 deg haha I saw Dra. Perona adjusting the aircon earlier hehe hurray. At least kahit masakit hindi super cold!

I went to work after the results and consultation. Good thing I filed for half day because i was so drained.

I went home at 230. Cannot be stressed. I napped and thought I’d make dinner. I found an easy ground beef with yogurt recipe.



I call it Goodluck Mediterranean Beef Pasta . Haha thank goodness W likes garlic and paprika šŸ™‚

I’m just lying back now. It’s raining real hard. I’m feeling that weird thing again on my head … (Gross part coming up…) without meds and just vitamins I’m getting out pleghm … And it’s grossly sweet. No more head cold please. Kinda feeling that bubbling sipon in my head again.

Hmmm if weather’s still like this tomorrow I’ll get to wear my boots heehee

Addendum: check this out LOL pagod na ko eehhh



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