This is my 3rd day bumming at home. It’s Black Saturday.

I felt so sick on Wednesday, my nose was clogged and I can’t stop sneezing. I was till at work but my mind was going blaaah! I was talking to the wrong people, and I was writing weird stuff. So W and I went straight home. (Well, we had a top secret detour. No, nothing kinky! Official business!!)

The next day, Thursday I still had colds. It was Daddy’s birthday. W cooked the misua. I just felt really bad I couldn’t come home to Pasig for Visita Iglesia becAuse we don’t wanna leave D Will alone on his birthday.

I miss Visita Iglesia. It’s quiet time for me. We visit 7 churches and we pray on our own. We do this after dinner so there’s less traffic. When I was younger, this was how I was able to visit the very nice churches in Manila. San Agustin, San Sebastian … Name it! But I wont remember much yet I know it when I see it. There was also one time that we went to Laguna for Visita Iglesia. I never knew there were so much churches in Laguna. I know We were able to visit the under ground cemetery too. After Visit iglesia, we’d drop by Dimas Alang to buy pan de sal and Ado to buy lomi. That’s our simple midnight snack.

I guess I was feeling home sick. And I told W that I wasnt feeling Holy Week that much. He says it’s because this is my first time in 31 years to miss the procession back home. He’s right. Same with Visita Iglesia. I felt so empty. I guess I’m really a visual person.

Luckily, I was feeling better come Good Friday. We were able to do errands in the condo and even swam for a short while. We drove to Pasig almost night time. We had to take a different route since there was a big Good Friday procession. Fortunately, our other route also had a small procession. We were able to see a few karos. That somewhat made me feel better.

When we got home we had dinner. Mom always prepares shrimp when I visit. She loves cooking for me and W. I guess she misses having me around. I know they all do haha

We hung out for a while at home. I know we’re boring but that’s how we spend Holy Week. I know it’s kind of old fashioned but we commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of Christ. We realise our wrong doings and repent. We pray and ask for guidance.


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