What happened?!

Even before lunch yesterday, I finally figured out why I haven’t been feeling well over the weekend. Aside from the sore throat and attempts of sniffles – my calendar was off! Aunt Freakin Flow!

I wasn’t able to watch the match nga eh! Geez! I was being tortured in my whole abdominal area – like from below my stitches up to under my chest.

I drank meds but it didn’t help much. I couldn’t even eat because I’d feel more pain. My stomach felt so hard. All I could do was sleep it off. W was nice enough to bring me my meals – puro soup but it just really made me feel sicker.

I asked for Zzzquil so I can sleep through the night. Didn’t help much. Super drama but I slept crying in pain on W’s arm. Kawawa naman ako!

This morning wasn’t different. I was trying to contact Dr. Perona but she wasn’t responding. I asked Mom to ask Tita CY if she has a new no but it’s the same naman daw. Mom also called the clinic but they haven’t heard from her too.

Thank goodness for having a lot of doctors in the family. Tito Rollie and Tita CY told me to take Arcoxia 120mg for the pain. But seriously, I was so paranoid my cyst might have ruptured. Uhmm yeah well, the cysts are only between me, W, Dr. Perona, Pol, Irene, Mark and Julian. W and I haven’t told anyone unless it’s important. Pol knew because she was in the room when I had my tvs. Of course I had to tell Irene. And just in case anything happens, I had to tell Mark and Julian.

So anyway. The Arcoxia seemed to work. Good thing I had one here. And I want to eat!! But my tummy still hurts. W went off to basket and all I can think of is a cheeseburger! So I asked for one when he gets home.

Now, I thought I’d watch John Lloyd but the movie on Cinema One is Dingdong pala haha grrr and it’s that movie that Dingdong and Angelica can’t have a kid tapos may anak pala si Dingdong kay Angel. Thanks ha. Grrr. Remind me more of my reproductive issues!

So I checked out invitro – it’s Php 300k here in Manila. Wow.





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