Fickle Weather and Weekend

We had a lock installed in the ac controls last Monday afternoon. The next day, the temp was at full blast – 22 cool and high. It was ridiculous since outside was about 35 because it’s summer. It’s bad but I was waiting who’s gonna get sick. So it was mr and Cary. I got sore throat while he’s been having shortness of breath.

And then it freaking rained on the way home! I spent the Wednesday holiday home with sore throat and fever. But I had a few errands too. Thank goodness for paracetamol.

I still have sore throat and sometimes slight fever.

Before the Moonpools concert I was so dizzy! I was so scared I might faint knowing there’s gonna be a lot of smoke and crowded.

Last night, W and I just had late dinner at Shang and got Daddy Will.I.Am hos birthday gift.

Had quick dinner at Woo Galbi.


Dilia from appetizer plate


Not authetic Korean Cuckoo rice 😦 but that's ok


Forever favorite: haemul pajeon. But this one's more eggy ... not much batter on there

Today is the Pacquiao Bradley match. But I still hear a lot of cars outside. Oh well. Should be quiet in a bit.

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