Search for Single Strap Heels

For some time now I’ve been fixated with this style of shoes:


I had to think it over if I was gonna get it on Amazon where I first saw it but it was gonna take a while.

I checked Steve Madden in Rob Mag but they don’t have it. One day after work, W and I went to GH and visited Janylin. Wooow! They had it in beige and black! But they don’t have my size. They called the Galle branch and reserved it for me. Sayang lang may issue sa pair so I didnt get the one from Galle.

This week was hectic at work. But I found time to check Taste Central. Wow. There was 50% off sale haha I hate reading their emails in the morning. good thing I opened it in the afternoon na. I didn’t expect to see these!

No more 39 in beige. At least meron in black. For Php 999, shut up and take my money!! Cary ordered his chocolate spread rin so we got free shipping.

The box arrived the next day but i left the office na. This is the biggest box I got from Taste Central. And I was so kileg when I saw it!


Taste Central boxes make me smile

So here are my shoes:


Hi there my pretty shoes!


Side view - my sweet Sugarfree shoes!


Any hectic or bad day is better with pretty shoes

Aren’t they lovely???

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