Annoying Bank Day

April 1 isn’t really april fools. This is the day of really stupid banks and unfortunate events for me.

Starting with my seared tuna salad with greens. I got it take out from Tuscano. I tipped pa even if i just got take out ha. Only to find out the tuna was super nasty! Ang lansa! I’m not a fish person pa naman. I rarely crave fish. And this is what happens. Tinatamad na ako bumalik and it’s so hot so never effin mind.

BDO Online banking was down, eh my HSBC was due today. I checked the bill and it says at the back I can pay at Metrobank. I hate the line at Metrobank. So I thought I’ll try LBC muna, pero the line was so looong! So i crossed the street. Went to Metrobank and asked the guard if they accepted HSBC payments. Oo daw. Gave me a number and I waited. Amazingly, not one teller on duty! For 15 mins we waited on an empty bank tapos a few more minutes it was my turn. Teller tells me they don’t accept HSBC. eh useless umaway ng tanga. I told her it says at the back of my bill and the guard confirmed. She gave me weird instructions. Eh tonta nga right so yeah whatever, i left. I told the guard na wala palang HSBC … he effin thanks me! Winner!!


Metrobank sucks

Gaaah. So Iw ent to Allied beside it and asked the guard. They accept HSBC daw. Thank God … Sana! So I went inside. Clean and empty with 2 visible staff. I filled up the payment slip. Went to the teller and he processed my payment. In less than 3 minutes I was done. My goodness. Ano ba to! It should always be that easy.

So thanks Henry Sy and your army of tontos. If it weren’t for you my day wouldnt be as freakin bad!

Here’s a useless Tuscano coupon by the way. Bwiset.


Not so lucky coupon

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