Day of Trials

You might think I had a tough day but I had fun!!!

I tried 2 interesting things today!

1) used apple cider vinegar to cleanse my scalp from product build up – i have this nasty habit of digging through my scalp and I always get a few crumbs of that white thing. I don’t think it’s dandruff, more of product build up. Come to think of it, i’ve never had cleansing done on my scalp. So I tried to use apple cider vinegar since i’m like, all organic kunyari haha i put 1 part apple cider and 1 part warm water in a spray bottle. I reused an old Body ShopPeppermint foot spray bottle. It was the best bottle so far even though i have empty generic ones.

Pros – really soft and shiny hair, clean scalp and i felt like my natural oils were balanced in my scalp – not too oily and not too dry

Cons – i think i had more hair fall than usual, and despite rinsing blah blah my scalp smelled like salad for 2 days!

So I wont do this on a weekend. Maybe every Monday haha sorry i dont care what my coworkers think about my smell. It’s not that bad according to them haha


2) i made no bake granola bars from scratch! – they’re the easiest thing to make apparently! Peanut butter, coconut oil, honey + dessicated coconut, oatmeal, choc chips and almonds! Melt all the liquids together (which takes less than a minute!) and the coconut oil smells ssoooo good! Remove from heat, mix dessicated coconut, almonds and oats, press in pan. When a bit cooler press choc chips. Refrigerate. Omg! Heavenly!!


No bake granola bars ala Patricia


After an hour (i was so excited!)

My husband’s so happy that i’m cooking and making sweets again. I think i’ve finally found my groove after moving in more than a year already haha. Nesting? I’m really looking forward to moving in the condo. I’ll always have to cook then heehee ☺️ coming soon!!

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