Summer Days!!

My goodness it’s so hot!!

Early this year I tried so hard to go organic. And one of the best things I did is switch to organic deodorant (because antiperspirant is so expensive like … oh wait never mind). … I now use Burts Bees Lemon and Sage deodorant. Cmon, who doesn’t like lemons. And sage … dunno much about it but you can read more about sage here. This deo doesn’t stop you from perspiring since that’s really an excretory function. At least I’m not too pawisin so I don’t get baskil haha until a few days back haha so for now back to normal deo and anti perspirant muna.

I took a cab home this afternoon and it’s already summer for LSGH. No traffic in Ortigas! I remembered high school tuloy. In the few times my friends stayed in the country for summer, we’d hang out in Galle or at Barb’s house because they have a pool! Hay their pool. High school soiree memories. Boring summer afternoons turned fun under the sun. I miss being a teenager!

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