Been a while, Dashing Diva!

The last time I had my nails done there was before Die’s tinghun! Tagal na diba! Whenever I’d go there, they’re always puno.

So last Wednesday after work, we went to the New Glorietta to pass time while waiting for dinner with the family in Nihonbashitei. I really planned to have my nails done, so we I did in Dashing Diva.


Dashing Diva Contact Nos


Dashing Diva Services


Dashing Diva Services


Dashing Diva Store Hours

I got the Spoiled Diva Manicure. Honestly, the only difference is the microdermabrasion. And it’s not that much. Check out the reviews in Amazon. It was only used like less than a minute per hand/arm. Hindi ko pa nafeel yung finishing massage. Should have gone for the basic.

Anyhoo, I used the Patricia Yankee nail polish, in Harmony. Nice naman and it’s thin coat so even if this is 2 coats, it’s not so annoying.

So there. After n years, I think if not Dashing Diva, so local manicuristas na lang ako magpapagawa. I remember my first trip to DD I was so happy kasi ang galing ng nagclean ng nails ko. Seriously painless. Laki ng tip ko sa kanya nun.

A few weeks back I had my nails done in Lunula. Cheap but medyo substandard talaga. I like Lenny my mom’s home service manicurista before. I hope I find a home service lady soon. Better than making big companies richer. I’ll support na lang local right?

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