Moonpools and Caterpillars


Tickets and the guest list I think

I got these tickets after last Sunday’s basketball game. W dropped me off in Pasto but they said they were out and directed me to Katsu.

I walked over to Katsu. It was 1130am and the place was still empty. They greeted me and I said i was going to get tickets (I love tickets! Lol)

They offered me a seat while a server took out a box. And there they were. A bundle of tickets *tadah* she also took out a sheet – guess it’s for the guest list or monitoring. The server recapped ticket details … Unfortunately the April 8 ones are out. So I called W to ask if he was still ok with April 11. Game!

I love small talks when I start them (duh). So I made the server chika. I think she’s between mid to late 20’s. Not exactly like this but somehow …

Me: marami ba talaga bumibili ng tickets?
Server: opo, naubos na yung April 8 last week pa. Itong April 11 2nd batch na rin, kahapon lang dumating
P: anong mga bumibili, mga ka age group ko?
S: opo, basta marami. Pati sa Pasto marami rin daw (buti di nya sinabi mga matatanda bumibili noh!)
P: oo nga pinapunta na nila ako dito, ubos na daw sila
S: iisa lang kasi may ari ng pasto, katsu at amber kaya ginagawa kaming ticket outlet…
P: and sarado pa sila hehe … Kilala mo ba tong Moonpools and Caterpillars?
S: hindi eh. Pero tinatanong ko rin yung ibang bumibili, sagot nila sikat daw yan … Nung panahon nila (lol at least funny sya)
P: hindi mo talaga naaalala?
S: hindi pero familiar lang sa kin yang Caterpillar dahil sa videoke … Laging meron yan sa videoke …

Uhmmmkay 😜

I’m looking forward to seeing this gig. I always think that it’s been a while since we’ve seen a gig but I didnt expect this next one too be as awesome and nostalgic. Thanks rock and alternative gods! Even more thank you to God whooohoooh!!!

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