Yesterday I was at a baby shower in Ortigas. W went to the gym and went around Mega Mall kasi ang tagal ko hehe

He chanced up on a set of ceramic knives in Mega Trade Hall. Not sure what the fair was but oddly, it ended yesterday. They started Thursday, ended Saturday. Oh well!


3 ceramic knives and a peeler for Php 1,600. I think it's not so bad.

There was also some sort of a small Malaysian and Indonesian food fair near the food court. We were looking for nasi lemak but didn’t find any. It was past 8pm so most of the stalls were closed. We saw a stall with beef rendang on buy one take one, so we bought two. It was not bad at all! We got sweet tamarind juice from the other stall.

A few more items that we bought were dresses for me and a crucifix from St. Paul’s. Sayang konti na lang crosses nila. We were looking for something for each of our units but we’re only able to buy one kasi wala nang stock. w was fixated on a somewhat artsy cross but it was a tad bit small. We got one lang and we’ll come back for the small artsy one kasi W now regrets not getting it. Heehee 🙂


Nice cheap dresses? I'm there! 🙂


The Crucifix

But you know, I was surprised that a lot of people came inside St. Paul and bought stuff too. W and I usually go to stores tapos walang laman. But a little later on it fills up. Haha almost always that happens to us. Baka we look like very convincing shoppers 🙂

I can’t wait to go shopping pa for home stuff. I need bathroom sets, towels and beddings. I told W I’ll be a towel nazi when we move in haha

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