When Google Playstore Hangs

I didn’t notice it immediately. It took a week or so. Haha 🙂

It started out that my Facebook App on my mobile (a local Starmobile Crystal dual sim from one of W’s generous suppliers) was making me kulit to update. I’ve been trying to update but it just wont. So forget it! It’s just Facebook!

Then I noticed I wasn’t able to download and install other apps. Specifically, I was looking for more recipe and meal planner apps. I can search but my selected app wont download and install. Weird.

Frustrated this morning, I finally turned on W’s desktop downstairs. God knows how hard it is to look for answers on mobile or tablet! Haha!

So last night’s reboots and on-off for wifi did not work. I was actually thinking of uninstalling my Playstore or its updates but I was scared haha baka mawalan akong pang download! But it turns out that it’s a valid solution according to their help page. Oh goodness, I’m such a geek!

Hurray, I’m back.


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