Monday Groceries

W and I don’t go to places that are heavily populated. So we thought we’d do the groceries in SM Hypermart in ESDA, the one after Santolan. The selection isn’t as good as Rustans Market Place but we intentionally avoided it and S&R otherwise everything will be too expensive.W had a really short grocery list and I didn’t have any. Our target was to make the groceries less than Php 3,000 and last for more than 2 weeks.

I noted all the prices in my phone.

imageI like it in SM Hypermart better than Robinsons kasi the space is bigger. But of course, you can never choose the crowd. We actually saw a little boy with parents. His parents were doing a good job explaining to their son that they need to get a different brand of milk because the price is cheaper. The son agreed and the mom actually thanled his son for understanding. Awesome parenting! Bit there was also this tall lady who would have bumped into everyone if they didn’t yield. Sarap batukan pero why bother dealing with people without manners

 imageOur total bill was less than the goal but off by Php 60 from our tally according to W. I might have had a few mistakes or maybe SM is shittinv us haha

So there. Groceries! I cooked once last week. I’ll cook again next week. I’m actually excited!

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