I love Bawai’s!!

I tried Bawai’s a few years back in Tagaytay. It’s where my friend April had her despedida. It was awesome.

Last December when we brought gifts in White Plains, I was surprised they have a Manila branch na!

We took my Ninang Baby and her family there last Sunday for dinner. Again, it was awesome!


Tiger prawns (I love you!)


Forgot the name of this but it's good dessert

2 things tad bit difficult in Bawais.

Furniture – either the table is too high or the chair is too low. I stand 5’5 and my husband 5’10 … twas a bit off. My dad is 6ft and my bro 6’1 and I saw it was a tad bit awkward for them too.

Parking – W and I were lucky we got to park bandang labas. My folks were way inside so they had to wait a while for the other cars to move.

But cmon. This is really good Vietnamese food. We ordered a whole lot and I liked everything. I’m definitely coming back soon!

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