Weird and annoying people

So W texted me if we can meet up somewhere so we can do groceries after work. He said it in the cutest way I can’t say no: can we meet up to do the groceries, I’m so irritable today and I think I need to do groceries with my wifey to feel better.
Pag mag no malamang away yun!

I headed to the bus stop and saw this medyo maarte lady in vintage LV Speedy. She looked at me head to toe a few times when I sat on the bus stop bench. Nagdidiri ata. Welp, uupo ka rin sa bus. Wag mag inarte. And why take the bus if you’re maarte? (Plus her wrinkles annoyed me!!)


Hi to your bakokangs

Empty bus!! Yahoo! So many seats! Minus the traffic in McKinley, ride was perfect.

I got in the mrt and this is what we all found in the connecting trains area: a really annoying ate sitting and hogging a lot of space (she sort of adjusted na here)


Tsk tsk where's the bayong


You snooze you lose teh!

At first it was obvious nagtutulog-tulugan lang sya. Bit after a few stations humahampas na ulo nya around. Oh well. Still insenstive. The trains were full and she had the audacity to do this. Fyi, we’re all tired and carry heavy bags. Grrr. But I was nice pa. I wanted to take her video kasi ang sarap ng nganga nya hehe but baka super knock out si ate. But still it’s no excuse and very insensitive of others. So I just stuck to you snooze, you loose.

I waited to W in Farmers. He said he was stalled by a stupid driver who parked a Revo on our driveway. The driver said “kay Madam yan..” W said he didn’t care and don’t come back. Stupid naman kasi. And seriously, Madam in a Revo? Come on! What should you call us, Your Highness? Bow down on my feet! Haha sayang my husband doesn’t have my sense of humor. He was really having a bad day.

We had Pao Tsin before hitting the groceries. Scallop dumplings, shark’s fin and buko pandan drink. The tindera was really nice. I hope she helped in making W’s mood better.

So we did the groceries and hit our target budget. That will be another entry. So yay! He feels better! He also asked that we have corned beef for dinner so I texted Rose. Now, this is hilarious!

When we got home I asked Rose if she was able to cook it because she didn’t reply. She said yes and she was wondering what corned beer was hahaha


I'm funny ... corned beer!!

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