Nailed it!

Haha pun intended!! 🙂

I woke up bright and early. Fixed a few things — actually I organized our dresser. Yaaay!


Then I freshened up a bit more, headed down stairs for a drink and made bilin to Rose that I’ll be back for lunch. I walked to Rob Mag through 1st Street.

Had my nails done at Lanula. I went to search for Kirsten’s sweat shirt. Eh wala. I ended up buying stuff for myself. Php 800 lang naman but still heehee I had to stop! So I walked home na.


Cheap and so much gossip haha my ears!!

Lunch with Will.I.Am and Ahia …

Waited for my W. Hung out with him while he ate lunch. Then we walked to our turnover.

It wasn’t my best moment. I had to show some attitude. And I guess things went well after that. We established who’s right. And who makes a better point. At sinong English talaga pag galit haha (I think I got that from my dad!)

Got home, rested a bit. Showered and went to Rockwell. Vix and Lisza got their nails done too! We went shopping for a while before we met up with them and had dinner.

I loved that thing we ordered in Cafe Med. I used to order tapenade but now we had the yogurt thing. A bit strong but I love it. Grew into W so he finished it.

Funny how on the way home W and I were talking about “yung mga hindi na umaabot…” haha welp, may hindi na umabot ng Donsol. Congrats! Happy for you!

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