Happy birthday Baby Girl

I treat you like you’re my own. I love you like my own.

It’s been 12 years and I still feel like you’re that little pretty baby girl we once brought home from the hospital.

I remember the many times you’d stay up and wait for me when I get home from school just so you can play with me.

I remember how I learned to multi-task – as in use my foot to pick up things while I carry you.

I remember when I first gave you ice cream – you looked sooo funny!

I remember when you only wanted me to carry you and no one else.

I remember when I convinced you that I was your real mom, but you called me Mommy Ninang.

I remember how you sang first before you talked – I still remember the song – Hands to Heaven.

My dearest baby girl, you’re smart, beautiful, popular in school, fun loving, God fearing and just perfect. Everyone loves you and wants to be around you especially when you’re cracking jokes. I know you’ve had your heart broken kasi like Ninang ang lakas ng appeal mo (lol) … I hope next time ikaw na magpaiyak sa boys hehe

I can’t wait til you’re 18! Iinterviewhin ko lahat ng 18 roses mo! Maglilinis rin ako ng baril sa debut mo haha I’m kidding πŸ™‚

Happy happy birthday my dearest Bembem. We love you so much! I can’t wait to see you 😘😘😘



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