I grew up with an Onkel who migrated to Germany in the late 70’s. He’s a doctor who eventually opened a small hospital. He would come home for the holidays every year. Some times he has friends with him, some times just his then partner my favorite Tito Hansi.

I only found out later that my mom’s lolo remarried a German lady after her lola passed. The creepy Javillonar family photo is in my lola’s house (they made a lot of copies actually!)

So, sawa na kami sa German food! We’ve had Nutella, Hanuta and bratwursts even before it became uso. I love Haribo and Hanuta! I love bratwursts too but i’m careful not to have a lot, baka magsawa ako.

Last Saturday we had dinner at Spatzle in Shangrila. Not bad for Euro food.


Watermelon lemonade - weird but you know how weird grows into me


Ward's Spatzle burger


My beef stroganoff

W said his burger was too salty. It was just right for me though. He ordered it medium rare … i guess all servers have that warning when you order medium rare na it’s not thoroughly cooked. But yeah, medium rare nga eh, we wont order it if we dont like it that way. W was ticked off pero nakasmile pa rin.

Vix and Edi were making us kwento. We’re lucky we got them solo as in no gf with them hehe ayun, they answered mostly all my questions. Vix was so kilig, kahit si Edi kinilig sa kanya haha

Good food, great company, kilig kwentos. Nice.

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