Family Mart Fort

Family Mart here in Fort Bonifacio is no different from 711. Disappointing!!

– only 1 cash register open during peak hours
– no change most of the time, they always ask for smaller bills (and they make you feel that this is your fault otherwise magbibilang ka talaga ng coins from wherever pocket mo)
– masungit personnel
– they act like they’re under manned but there are at least 4 personnel excluding their barong guard
– they don’t give you your receipt

I endured a long line a few minutes before lunch today. Usual bs, smaller bills kahit lampas 200 yung stuff mo. Out of the kindness of my heart, I gave the exact 212. Cashier thanked me. I asked for chopsticks since I bought ramen. They’re out daw. Fine. I asked for my receipt since my friend asked me to buy him Piknik… aba… I do her a favor of digging coins tapos she just crumpled my receipt and was about to throw it! Ayun nag reprint pa sya.


Family Mart Fort, Welcome to the Family daw

Really no different from 711. Madumi lang Mini Stop dito ugh

Coffee is also awful here in Family Mart. They wont give you sugar unless you ask for it. And the n times I bought coffee from them, they always give me the wrong kind.

Wala akong magagawa. Uso talaga lousy service!!

I can’t always sing everything is awesome!!

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