Backpack landi

Last year, I had this really weird back pack phase. Well, my back isn’t in good shape so a backpack makes sense instead of on sided strappy bags.

I bought a grey Longchamp Le Pliage in Seoul (Duty Free). It’s really cheap there! Plus they had a 5% discount for Visa cards! Yum!


Longchamp Le Pliage screen shot from Nordstrom

I remember last year when my pink le pliage was soiled from travel, I was so desperate to clean it up. I Googled and apparently you can throw it in your washer in gentle settings and it’s gonna be cleaned just right.

I just tried it now on my backpack but it looks like the dirt are actually oil stains. Sheth. Well, more often than not kasi I take the Fort Bus, MRT and LRT going home so that might be it. Oh well. At least it’s not so much halata.

Back in Korea there was a Coach outlet store very near our hotel as in across lang! On my last day I went inside and looked. I saw this baby:


It’s cute and cheap but I didn’t buy it. I surfed the net more and I saw this is the inside of the bag pala:


Red Orange! I love it!!

Oh well. I think 1 backpack is enough. But who knows 🙂

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