Finally, The LEGO Movie

Everything is AWESOME!!

The LEGO Movie

Maybe it’s the kid in me haha but I wasn’t really much of a Lego fan when I was a kid. We had a few sets. But you know, it’s Lego!

They now have Lego of everything, so they’re much more fun now.

The movie was so funny. As in, I feel like my 11 year old cousin Raymond from NJ is beside me with all the puns! I miss him!

We had dinner at Arya by the way. And I’m pretty sure the server was eavesdropping in our conversation so he dropped my yougurt drink on the floor, spilling some on my bag and a lot on my sweater! Loko yun. Wala man lang kaming free whatever eh obvious naman he was up to something kaya he spilles it! Pfft. I was ok though. Startled but ok. And still singing Everything is awesome!!!

Good thing masarap rin order ko haha


Well, we already ate most of it heehee

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