Joseph Gordon Levitt

On the mrt now. But earlier on the fort bus, oh my gash!

I got on the bus stop near my office. I sat right behind the driver. On the next stop in fort victoria boarded a guy in basketball shorts and sat beside me.

I didn’t mind him at all.

I was resting my head on my arm which I rested on the bar behind the driver. The whole time my thoughts were flying. When I put my arm down and hugged my backpack, the guy beside me began fidgeting with the bus tickets inserted on the metal twinnings below the bar where I rested my head. I think he was so annoyed so he began picking all of them! In the moat discreet and non-invasive way, he reached out for the trash can beside me to dump the tickets.

Of course I noticed him. Tisoyish. Really short hair. White shirt and shorts. Backpack with him. Past the San Antonio chapel I made the sign of the cross. A few seconds after I did, he did too.

I got off the bus from the front door. Him from the other door.

I have no idea why I’m writing this haha



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