Dining In

I noticed a lot of couples chose to dine in their own homes last Friday. We did because of the following reasons:

1. Friday = traffic
2. Pay day = traffic
3. It’s Valentines Day = traffic

Cmon, that’s like traffic cubed! W cooked and it was awesome as usual.

I said a few weeks back that I’ll cook at least once a week, so today I did.

Started with breakfast which we had for lunch because he came home late for the gym. I oven baked a few strips of bacon, perfectly poached eggs and his request, cheese pancakes. Done!

Dinner came and I cooked pork loin with fresh mushrooms from my trusty app.


This app is so amazing on my Android phone. Not so much of a fan on ios in my ipad mini. You get to select what you want to cook and it’s neatly organized … fish, beef, pork, etc. Then you add it on your meal list and it automatically adds what you need on your grocery list! Amazing talaga!

So anyway, here’s the finished product. And I just have to say, this dish is so perfect! It’s so easy to cook and you can taste all the flavors. It’s incredible how all the ingredients complement each other.


Damn, I mean if cooking was always this easy and so rewarding (as in no palpak recipes), I’d cook every day hehe

When we move in the condo I don’t really have a choice. Heehee 🙂 I’m so excited!

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