Vee Day

This is how a few of the stars I follow celebrated Valentines Day:





As for me, I dolled up at work. I usually wear jeans and loose tops so I got a ton of complements about my dress and pumps.


First time W let me wear this dress to work!

In the morning before Scrums (I have to do 2 during Fridays!), Cap and I took a cab to Serendra to get the cake I ordered for Richmond’s birthday.

For lunch he treated us out in Chicken and Beer near Burgos Circle.

A few minutes before 3pm, Warren comes to my messy desk telling me there was a gentleman to see me. I headed to the reception and saw W with my bouquet of orange star gazers. I had to work a bit more and then we packed up.

Imagine ang pogi ng asawa ko! Haha he walked from Burgos to Accra holding my flowers. TNL!

We dropped by CBTL for his drink and we drove home.

Rested for a bit and he cooked dinner.



We saw Hitch on HBO for a while and saw This Is 40. That’s just messed up, I hope were wont be like that! I was just lying down before midnight and a tad bit restless when he headed to the rest room. He came out and said he has something for me, asked if I expected it.


Of course I didn’t.

Clearly, my husband if after being unpredictable. I expected that he’d show up at work to bring my flowers and I knew dinner gonna kick ass so I wasn’t expecting anything more. So wow. Bazillion points to the House Co.


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