W & P Do SM Aura

W’s first time in Aura!

Friday afternoon and we wanted to skip traffic. W and I decided to let the traffic pass and go to SM Aura! I’ve. Only been there a couple of times for lunch breaks. But this time, W and I had the luxury of time (the only thing hindering us from having fun was pagod! We were both out working all day!)

Parking was ok. There’s a lot. We parked in the 3rd basement. The ceilings are high and it’s not too claustrophobing. I didn’t smell anything bad (the other mall project of w stinks in the parking!)

We took the elevator and got off the upper ground floor. It was around 630 and we thought, hey, let’s eat now and walk around when everyone else is eating.

First stop, Greeka Kouzina. Lamb was good. They do justice with lamb! W loves their pita, the one with the eggplant dip. I asked for the calamari too. It was crunchy but later on we started to realize it was a bit rubbery inside and the coating was falling off already. We even heard another table that declined their calamari because it wasn’t edible.

Price, serving and taste are awesome. But a lot of what we ordered has feta cheese on top. If not feta basta it was cheese. Medyo nakakasawa.

Things I don’t like in Greeka Kouzina:

Trainee server – she doesn’t seem like she was taking her job seriously. Every order that she got from the kitchen she brings to us. Seriously, every order! Even when we already asked for the bill. I already got the bill and paid, headed to the rest room and W says the trainee went back to our table and gave him another bill with a credit card. Good luck to this trainee. Either she improves or we don’t see her again.

Seating – we sat near their bar/counter. Sobrang sikip. There were tables for 2, I was too close to the other chair at the back. One wrong move and I hit the lady behind me. One wrong move and she hits me. We tried to move our chairs but we just won’t fit – well we will but walang madadaanan servers.

Restroom – it’s a unisex restroom and they’re not keeping it clean! As in, the urinal has drops of I don’t wanna think about it under it. Sige fine, maybe that was the person before me, but the other end of the room has so much dirt and dust. Like they haven’t mopped for a week or so. It’s also dark. It’s difficult to go when it’s dark. Hence maybe the bad aim of the guy who went before me. Eew. Same with the sink out side the restroom. Dark and dirty.

So we went around stores. W was starting to like Aura because it was like a bigger Podium. Konti lang daw chaws (bad w!) this mall actually has most of the stores I like and can afford haha ๐Ÿ™‚ uniqlo, bershka, black human, healthy options, toby’s (the tobys here is nice, daming matinong new stock) what else … It needs kate spade, marc, mng, zara and h&m pa haha

Oh did I mention W forgot his wallet so he was totally dependent on me? Haha! I took care of his shopping ๐Ÿ™‚ he just 2 pairs of shorts in black human. They have nice people in there. Mapapashopping ka!

We went to the Skypark … It reminded me of Marina Bay Sands Skypark and the Skypark in Bangkok forgot the name. It reminded me of those only because they have similar names, not design or archi!

It was hot up there! And the hallways are so narrow! I had to get out of there!

We went downstairs by escalator na lang. In the lower ground were a lot of bakeries and fast foods. W and i were laughing because in the few times i went there, if i wanted cheap food I’d go to the 4th floor where they have pepper lunch. In lower ground they have kfc and mcdonalds! Sabi ko, for the help? haha mean! I do mcdo and kfc a lot. Loyal office neighbors!

I was on a roll. 2 nights straight of hanging outside the house with W! He’s been pretty busy but that’s ok. It makes me appreciate moments like these a lot. I know he does too. ANd he likes his shorts haha



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