Ukkokei Ramen Ron McKinley Hill

Instead of irritating everyone by saying “Irasshaimase!!!” Why don’t you all just work, servers? So disappointing in Ukkokei Ramen Ron in McKinley Hill.

We made the mistake of going here earlier tonight before bringing Mommy E to the airport. The place is small, and when we entered they refused to connect tables because wala daw sila madadaanan. Fine. They sat us on the “bar” first and after 5 minutes connected the 2 tables so they can seat all 4 of us. Duh.

We ordered. They even verified our order thrice. Nagsummarize pa! 3 ramens and 1 seafood curry and gyoza.

After we ordered, a family of 4 sat on the bar. They ordered and after 10 minutes sat near us. To our surprise, their food came out earlier so we followed up our order. This happened to another table. Their gyozas and ramens were being brought out, sa amin wala pa!

We followed up several times and asked why the others are eating before us.

Mom and Dad noticed that their kitchen staff weren’t wearing gloves while prepring our food. They were just touching meat and noodles with bare hands. When we followed up our order and asked about why they’re not wearing gloves, naghugas naman daw yun ng kamay! Wtf!

Further into waiting, I saw one of their kitchen staff wearing a cut off shirt and handling food bare hand. Kadiri. When I see guys wearing sleeveless, I immediately have mental photos of kilikili hair with pawis. And of course that’s a kitchen, it’s hot in there with all the stoves! My goodness. I dread the thought of his pawis on our food. I learned to be nice to servers since they handle your food. But if things get really bad, you can always not tip right? Or throw a fit na lang when you get all your order na hehe

So n times we followed up the gyoza, their response was “Ginagawa na”. We were almost done eating and we decided to cancel it.

Did I mention, the servers of Ukkokei Ramen Ron were so annoying that they ask you if they take your plate na even if you’re clearly still eating? Idiots. I know you need our seats, but we’re still eating. It’s not like we’re hogging the place and not paying. I.d.i.o.t.s!

And it dawned to me… This was the ramen place that had an awful reputation! No idea who the owner is but word is that the guy isn’t so pleasant, I dunno. Well, I can tell you their staff aren’t so nice either.

Check these out:

Good thing their service charge is 5% only. When we got the bill, I put a ? On the Service change and underlined service. I couldn’t hold back haha I wrote “SERIOUSLY?” When our cash reached the cashier I heard the word service a lot in their side of the room haha they were like, “ha? Service? Ano?” Stupid ducks. Yeah you dunno anything about service!

We couldn’t wait to get out of there. I wanted to take a photo but what’s the point.

Rats. I’m now craving for gyoza. Stupid people of Ukkokei Ramen Ron kasi.

Never again.


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