She Inside

This is the dress I ordered:


I placed my order on 13 January 2014. They need almost a week to prepare my order and 4-6 working days to ship as I paid additional $7 for Express Shipping. In my order tracker, the package was received by EMS their courier on 17 January. I didn’t see the EMS logo on their site. I was expecting DHL or maybe UPS.

the tracker for EMS wasn’t working. It was really taking a while. 25 January I chatted the Sheinside support and all they can say is that my dress is on the way. They said they had to send by regular mail so they will refund my $7 in 24 hours but later confirmed that it was sent express through EMS.

I did a little math and my express shipping should arrive by 27 January. It hasn’t. On the afternoon of 28, I chatted them again and asked for my refund. They confirmed that it was sent express. I said then it should have been here already. I said I paid for express but didn’t get express so I need my money back. They offered $10 off on my next order. Good thing I was stern and I said I wasn’t going to order again. So they refunded in the next few minutes and it reflected on my account, and Paypal emailed me.

They said if the package didn’t arrive by 5 February, they will give me a full refund.

30 January, a colleague and good friend of mine texted that a package arrived and placed it on my desk. Excoted, I dropped by the office last night to get it.

I was disappointed that sequins were missing and they didn’t fall off during shipping. I checked the package and there was no loose sequins. Sad. But I know the dress will still look good on me. But this is the last time I’ll buy clothes online especially from Sheinside.





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