Diode Laser Hair Removal

So, this is gonna be tmi as in too much info.

I’ve always been sensitive about my underarms … Like I’d slap my brothers whenever they try to tickle my kilikili. That kinda just stopped when I started dating W and he likes to tickle my armpit and sometimes make ipit his hands in there. Eew.

Tomorrow, I am set for my 1st session in Wink Trinoma for my Diode Laser Hair removal in my underarms. Yikes.


I wasn’t really familiar of trinoma so I couldn’t find Wink despite looking at the mall’s map. So I called them and asked for directions. Hurray! I found them.

Outside, it looks nice and orange. Inside, it smells and looks nice and clean. I went in and 2 of the ladies in the reception greeted me with a smile. They were expecting me. They handed me a form to fill up and sign. I didn’t have to wait since my therapist Cath was already there. She asked if I wanted to use the rest room first. So i did. It was clean and smelled nice. And again, it was so clean. These guys aren’t kidding when they say they’re neat freaks and not in the creepy way. They even have pipe in music in there! On the sink they had 2 dispensers, good thing I read the labels! The other one was feminine wash, the other was the hand wash! I love the scent of the hand wash, it was Messy Bessy.

Cath was waiting for me outside and showed me into my cube. I sat on a ghost chair while she walked me through the process, dos and donts, entertained my questions, etc. I always wear undershirts so I just kept in on when I laid down the bed. Cath covered me with a clean white blankie, just in case it gets cold for me or if I’m uncomfortable with just an undershirt on. She put paper towels to protect my undershirt from whatever we’ll be using before the laser.

Cath put cleansing lotion on my underarm to clean me further before she shaved me. I needed to have some hair in there so she can see where there’s growth. After shaving she put protective eye wear on me. I think it’s the same as those you wear in the tanning beds but I’ve never tried that. She told me she will apply cooling cream since I might feel that the laser might be hot. And yeah she was right, that was cold cream! She reminded me that I can tell her if I’m uncomfortable with the heat. And that there will be the “pitik” feel – which means the laser is doing it’s work on the hair’s root.

So we started. Professionally, Cath would tell me that we’re starting the laser and stopping the laser. I really appreciated that. We did my right underarm first. There were a couple of that pitik feel but it was really bearable. I think, if anyone would think of it as uncomfortable is because magugulat ka lang. It’s the element of surprise that you’ll get the pitik feel because you can’t see what’s going on. The heat, well, it gets hot but for like a millisecond lang because the laser isn’t pressed down for long on one area. Trust me, a wax is more painful and uncomfortable than diode laser hair removal. I swear to cow!

So on to my left underarm. By this time I was feeling my arm was nangangawit already. Don’t get me wrong, I was comfy lying down but I just got ngawit. I felt a tad bit numb already so I was thinking it might feel painful compared to the other arm. Alas, I was wrong. Same banana, the pitik was even less. Which led me to think, uh oh, this might not work because I didn’t feel much pitik. Yikes, I might have uneven hair haha kadiri!!

So we wrapped up. Cath gave me time to dress up and left the cube. I went to the reception and she met me there. She gave me my after care card and they set my next appointment. Check out the card … How much pampered can you get? I can text her any questions, preferably not on her day off.



I got home and I checked my underarm. No red marks, I didnt feel any discomfort. Good.

I checked again the next day. Good.

Cath actually texted me, asked how I was doing. How nice was that! We exchanged pleasantries and I assured her I was following what was on the after care card.

Fast forward to 1 week after, I was worrying that I wasnt shedding yet. I checked the card again so I should shed in the 2nd week onwards. But I’m such a worry wart! I texted Cath and she said the same thing. Whew. So a few more days I hope. Otherwise I was gonna get really upset. Jahe na eh! I have long underarm hair and my husband could see it! Good thing he wasn’t cracking black misua jokes yet about me.

Day 10. Oh my gosh I have less hair! How’d that happen. I didn’t do anything … I didn’t pluck or force them out.

Day 11. Way less hair! Yahoo!!!

Today is Day 13. I can count how very few hairs I have now. I’m so excited for the next session. I’m hoping it will make me totally hairless already. But ideally, you need 8-10 sessions depending on your hair. But wow, Wink Trinoma is awesome — http://www.winkstudio.ph

So there. I’ll write again after my 2nd session πŸ˜„


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