A bit more north

So today was a tad bit new for me. Instead of getting of Araneta Cubao mrt station, I got off in the northern most station — North Station! Haha!

A lot of passengers got off Cubao, leaving a few seats available. An elderly tisoy man was walking towards my direction (in the middle of the car) and I told him that there was an available seat behind him. He said he’d rather not because it was too cold anyway. Talking to him, I had to remove my headset. He then started a conversation.

Lolo: maganda ba yang pinapakinggan mo?
Me: ugh dapat! (i was on shuffle and Savage Garden was on … Cmon 90s pop! I don’t think he’d know SG hence my weird answer)
Lolo: hindi ako marunong nyan eh.
Me: alin po, cell phone?
Lolo: cell phone oo marunong, mga gadget na yan hindi. I have a Samsung tablet, given to me as a gift. Hindi ko alam gamitin, ayun nasa closet lang.
Me: samsung? That’s very user friendly (inEnglishsize ko na kasi pinapagtinginan kami ng mga wannabe models na promodizers ata naka blonde pa buhok!)
Lolo: magaling ka ba dyan? Tignan mo yan katabi mo o, dalawang kamay pa
Me: outdated po …

As much as I’d want to talk to him more, about his book or more gadget stuff, I choose to be friendly yet laconic. After that incident with another Lolo in Rustan’s, I think I developed a phobia of making things worse for them haha

I felt my phone vibrated so I pulled it out to check. Lolo was looking out the window and wasn’t glancing at me anymore. Another station then there were more free seats. I took one.

If you personally know me, you know how daldal I am when I’m in the mood. As much as I want to befriend elders in public, or just talk to them even, I have my reservations… Maybe because I’m scared of strangers or I’m scared to be mistaken as doing something wrong to them.

I’m just imagining if the world was a better place, less selfish people, less evil, less everything, We’d all have many friends and we’d all be so daldal like me hehe


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