Zuni Love

Best rockefeller oysters ever! My husband and I agree on that. How can your oysters be so fresh underneath that perfectly cooked layer of cheese (as in golden brown!) and bacon.

I’m just a tad bit disappointed with the rock lobster soup. It doesn’t seem like much effort was put in there, but it tastes good. The rock lobster was hard haha hence the rock? Seriously, it wasn’t that bad but I expected more.

W had the 2 way lamb. Oh it was really good. Minus the vein on the lamb chop. He likes his meat rare it was cooked perfectly. I can’t say much because I’m really partial to lamb. I love lamb. Memories of how we often had lamb chops at home (because they weren’t sikat yet so Mum always bought a lot in Shopwise).

I had the shrimp risotto. I usually get suya easily especially with risotto even if I love it but this one from Zuni is awesome! It’s just right, not too creamy, not too truffly and not too shrimpy nor crabby. All balanced and all mmm mmm MMM!!

And dessert … Creme brulee. I freaking love the presentation (sorry no photos para no biase!). I love how it’s not as sweet but the texture is really good. W found it too spongy but I love it … The burnt sugar on top was perfect. And their strawberry ice cream … It brought back memories again. It was strawberry but had a hint of bubble gum like the classic Coney Island. They also had 2 tiny scoops of ripe mangoes with I forgot what syrup. Overall, it was a really good blend. I love love love it!

Service was awesome. I remember one of their servers asking how the food was … Because I only had half of the risotto. He had the worried look on his face!

Ah, Zuni. P/W will be back 😍


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