Dusit Weekend


Stayed overnight at Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati.

The room we got was the deluxe one I think. The space is ok, not so roomie but has space for one luggage, which was all we brought and a bag of Cheetos. Dresser, 2 arm chairs and a king bed.
Dusit’s been around for a while. It’s been there since my preschool years in AC San Lo.

The temperature has been cold recently … Even with a drink to try and keep us warm, we didn’t get to swim. It was windy too! Their mojito’s ok. It just took a while to come.

Here are things I like about Dusit:

  • Smell! The smell is your typical hotel but with a Thai twist. Not sure what kind of flower it is but I like it.
  • fast elvators … We didn’t wait long for elevators the whole time we stayed in the hotel. Peak or off peak hours
  • breakfast — they have really crispy waffles! And bacon! And Nestle yogurt, not the cheap brand Punta Fuego is pushing.
  • Toiletries! The size of their shampoo, condition, etc are bigger than the usual hotel swag. Considering there are 2 guests in a room, that might bathe twice, it’s a really decent size.
  • And now for the disappointing things:

  • parking – we’d rather drive but parking is full. I don’t even know where their parking area is!
  • Valet – arriving from dinner, all the valet drivers were in the valet area making chismis! The door men already called them twice, not one of the more than 3 bothered to attend to us!
  • Valet still – super tagal to retrieve your car! Where do you park our cars?
  • Pool locker rooms – as old and unmaintained as it can get. Badly stained tiles and sinks … Horribly broken and dangerous tiles. I dare not take a photo, medyo kadiri talaga. Cleanliness is really a must considering this is a hotel. Not sure if it’s still 5 star.
  • Dirty beds! Omg our bed had a stain. I didn’t bother complaining na. For sure they already cleaned the sheet but cmon its a stain.
  • Grainy beds! Slipped inside the bed and yikes it was so grainy. Nagpagpag talaga kami!
  • too long to get hot water – i stood frozen in the shower for more than 5 minutes waiting for hot water. It only got better at 1pm when we were about to check out
  • The weird thing is, the whole time we were in our room I had a nasty migraine. Even when I was asleep. It was so cold and we even turned off the ac. W got sniffles too. When we left we felt better and my migraine was gone. So maybe their vents are dirty? I dunno. My friend’s uncle Tom also checked in a few days back and got sick too. Same symptoms.

    Overall, I think Dusit needs an upgrade and major maintenance. Been hearing awesome stuff about the cross-over buffet but sadly I’m not into buffets anymore (watching the weight!)

    It’s so sad that for the same price we paid in Dusit, we can already get the same room category in Edsa Shangrila! So much for checking old school stuff out.


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