Grabtaxi and mrt

Who minds paying extra for better service or convenience? I don’t!

Apparently, it’s my 4th time to use Grabtaxi … not bad so far.


I only had trouble once — I clicked on the wrong pick up location so yeah, I was really sleepy but at least I was able to call the driver and he found me a few blocks away.

All of the drivers I got were nice guys. They don’t over speed and they drive carefully. Their cabs are clean and smell good.

So what’s this price hike on the mrt ha? Rumors are, it will be php 28 for the lowest fare? Again, I don’t mind. Not being elitista (that’s how they call it at work), but it might eliminate the people who don’t respect other passengers. What do I mean? In the past year I’ve been using mrt 2 and lrt 3, I experienced the following:

1. People who do not offer seats to elders or pregnant women
2. Fat women pretending to be pregnant for a seat
3. Rowdy children – a parent would bring at least 1!
4. Fat women who step on you and deny it! With matching back up friend.
5. Butches (sorry pamacho kasi) who eat smelly food! Nagsusubuan pa ng gf nila! Sawsaw pa sa suka!
6. Uneducated guys who’ll race elders and preggers to seats.
7. Especially in the lrt, they cut lines!!

I’m really hoping if in case there’s a price hike, the rail users will improve. But they also need to increase the stored value amount of the prepaid cards. Otherwise you’ll need more than 1 per week. Still waiting for that centralised card system for all 3 lines. Sadly, that’s cromagnon man news. Other countries have gone efficient in public transport as havong free wifi in subways (oh sg!).



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