Christmas Sniffles et al

So the husband now has the bug, whatever this is.

Last week, I had sore throat that gave me fever and led to real bad colds. I had to stay home last Friday. My eyes were always watery, nose really clogged and heasache more bad ass than Rodman.

I took Dimetapp syrup and began to feel better.

Yesterday, W was complaining that he can feel something funny on his throat. This morning, he said he feels bad and ask if he can get anyone hawa. Deep inside I was laughing because he can’t or doesn’t know how to fake sick! I told him no and if he doesn’t think he feels good enough for the party, we can just cancel.

We got home early this afternoon and rested. I still have head aches from time to time from my colds, and W from the heat or something. We watched an episode of BB and fell asleep on the next ones. I woke up at 4 and showered so we can go see my parents. I held W and he was really burning up.

We stayed home. Brought up dinner for my husband. Gave him half a Tramadol. I hope his fever goes away soon and the cough or cold not to develop further.

I’m feeling a tad bit hot so I asked if he was cold. He said a bit. I turned on the ac with not so cold temp. I feel bad how there were so many times that I felt so cold but he was hot and I wont let him turn on the ac.

I hope he rests tomorrow. Otherwise I’ll feel really bad that I’m going to work and leaving him at home.

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