Thanksgiving …

Back in the Marcos era, Filipinos also celebrated Thanksgiving. Both my parents’ families did. And I recall a few years back, whenever Daddy wpuld throw New Year parties, we would have turkey and cranberry sauce.

In the office, we had to scale down the celeb as originally planned. But we did a Thanksgiving tree. Here are a few photos:

These leaves actually reflect the personality and well-being of my colleagues. You know who areobviously beaming with good vibes, those who love their simple life, grateful for opportunities and tiny blessings, funny guys and of course, those who I don’t to gravitate with.

If you know where I can buy these things, please let me know as some people badly need them:

1. Common sense
2. Manners
3. Pakisama
4. Utang na loob
5. Kahihiyan
6. Social grace
7. Sensitivity
8. Humility
9. Tactfulness
10. Contentment

There are so much more but that’s all I can think for now.

For Thanksgiving’s sake – I am additionally thankful for the following:
1. Immediately replacing the battery of the car
2. Yummy meal at work
3. Yummy pumpkin pie – I had a lot since the guys don’t like it that much
4. Going home early
5. Less traffic
6. Steamed dimsum for dinner
7. Ferreros
8. Banana straws
9. The Big Bang Theory
10. A cozy bed and comfy shelter
11. The bestest husband in the realm!


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