(Motherly) Instincts

Words can’t describe how I felt yesterday and this morning.

I dread that this is how it will feel like when you get a call from your kid’s teacher telling you that she wants to set up a meeting regarding your child’s behavior.

We don’t get along with everyone at work. That’s common in all work places. But what sucks is when everyone gets along – professionally and personally, and then something goes wrong.

In my 7 years working and 3 roles handling people, I have experienced vouching for others. I’ve seen people at their worst. I’ve been at my worst. I know there’s nothing no one can’t rise from. Even if these people have wronged me before, I still do my best to motivate, support and rehabilitate them.

I do everything in my power to defend people. There are limits but I never imagined them and I never doubted I cannot get past them.

I want to help you. I really do. But I really have to ask, What the heck were you thinking? I don’t know how we can get out of this, how you can get out of this.

Anak ng shet!


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