Welcome back, Gils version

I went back to work today. Still woozy from the weather change and lack of sleep.

I sat on my desk and saw the first Gil of the day, Tristan. He passed by and asked kamusta daw si Sandara haha he has his sandwich with him, he was heading to Mark’s for lunch.

My next Gil was Paul. Exchanged a few pleasantries when he passed my desk. I thought he was heading home but he stayed a while.

The last Gil was Neal. I forgot what we talked about. Haha!

Paul went back to my desk and handed me a coin purse and keychain,”These are for you,” he said. I was so surprised! I thanked him and felt so embarrassed. I said I didn’t get him anything! He said it was ok, and he just came back. I asked where, he said Pagudpud!! Wow! He said he took a leave and went there Tuesday to last weekend.


Later on, he dropped by my desk again and asked how my weekend was. I told him I was in Seoul for the weekend and it was so cold! I said I quit on shopping on our 2nd day because I had a lot of layers of clothes so it sucked to fit stuff. I felt bad I didn’t get him anything, I didn’t get anyone anything! 🙂 but cmon, I had a teeny weeny luggage!

I dropped by Mark’s office after I checked all my emails (I haven’t checked Redmine notifications yet!) He said they missed me! He was just going to have a short meeting with Cary and then we’ll catch up.

I’m happy to be back but I miss Die and Moonyong. I miss the street food.

Oh wait! I remember na what Neal and I talked about! His shirt! He was wearing a rock paper scissors lizard Spock shirt. I asked where he got it, in Sta. Lucia East daw. There’s a store there called Icon that has other Big Bang Theory shirts and other series. Me and my tactless self. I asked if they sold real stuff or knock offs because the knock offs are way expensive when imported here. Kate his gf pala lives in Marikina. So there! Thanks Gils!! Sorry I don’t have Pasalubong!


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