Can’t sleep

So I will blagh!

We haven’t visited any of our departed loves but we bought Angkong his favorite pork floss yesterday at Rob Mag.

Dinner yesterday was awful. We wanted to try fastfood so Salt and Pepper caught our attention. We got tender chicken curry (which was freakin dry) and beef kebab that was too salty your tongue will shrivel after every spoon. Hummus was really dry too. Not even the garlic sauce was good. So annoying. Stick to good old Mediterranean favorites next time.

We got a mango shake after from Fruitas and on my first gulp I choked on a piece of thread! I thought it was mango hair but I was grossed out when I saw it wasn’t. Later on W got so annoyed too, holding the piece of thread. I told him it’s ok but he said he just got that piece! He complained and we got a new shake… he said it seemed like the people in the fruit stand knew about it already and apologized. They said it was their ice. Eew.

We went to the department store to get thermal wear. They didn’t even know what it was so grrr

We went to Muji and everything was just over priced! Plain fuglee knitted gloves were around a grand I think. Sheesh.

Forget it.

So we continued shopping today. We first checked the department store in Mega Mall where W got puffy thermal wear for me. Surprisingly, they don’t have thermal wear anymore! We went to Marks and Spencer and got a couple of things. W insisted that I get a berret just because it looks cute. But yeah, kept my ears warm πŸ™‚

We went around for W’s walking shoes. His chucks just died 😦 so we need to get him a new pair before we travel.

We snacked on donuts and decided we’d get a burger for late dinner to go.

Last stops were Surplus Shop and Ace Hardware. So outside Ace were tv stores. I saw the preview of Hotel Transylvania and we were laughing out loud. W says he has a copy at home!

Drove through for our burger. Tried on our stuff and watched the movie. It was freakin hilarious! We love Adam Sandler!!

I do not say blah blah blah!!!


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