Wisdom Teeth

I had 2 of my wisdom teeth extracted last Friday afternoon.

I went to the clinic of Dr. Macasiray who’s been looking after my husband and his family ever since. The clinic is in Valero but it’s not as pricey as anyone would expect.

My dentist Dr. Jomar was supposed to extract my teeth but based on my xrays, my teeth are long and fat (in Tagalog, mahabang mataba wooow!). So I transferred to the surgery room. Mama Mia movie was on the screen. One thing I like about this clinic is that they always keep musicals on background. Aside from being entertained, it relaxed and kept my mind preoccupied. I wasn’t thinking much about my teeth!

So I sat on the reclined chair and closed my eyes. Dr. Macasiray was going to do my extraction and Dr Jomar assisted, same with another guy Dr Jonathan.

I admit I have a really bad phobia of wisdom teeth because of Sito. So I was expecting the worst. But it took less than 15 minutes to extract both upper and lower wisdom teeth. And all I felt was a few tugs. I was really surprised when Dr M said we were done!

I had gauzes on my ground zero. They handed me an ice pack too. I sat and rested for a while then Dr Jonathan taught me how to care for my cavities as in the wholes on my gums.

I asked for my teeth too! Dr M said I shouldn’t put it under my pillow or else the tooth fairy will give me more wisdom teeth! Haha he’s a nice guy.

I was shy to ask for candy. But after I left the surgery room, my husband greeted me and said I’m so brave. It meant a lot to me coming from him because he saw how painful my 1st experience was.

So here’s my teeth, sizing comparison is a candy:


Yellow candy with yellow teeth!

Now I’m bearing the after extraction pain!


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