For Mommy E with Love

Hehe W and I are in Greenhills right now, running errands.

One of them is getting Mommy’s iPhone fixed. It’s not broken naman pala so while waiting, W and I selfied with her phone haha JOLOGS

I can only tolerate selfies a tad bit. Here’s a few scenarios:

1) Out of the country selfies

That’s ok. Sure, anyone can afford to travel now but not a lot of people can afford the time. Yeah man, time isΒ  luxury na talaga now.

2) If the subject of the photo is an object, not your freaking vain self

I’m not justifying a selfie I once did but my Santa hat is cute and I didn’t have my whole face in it

3) Groupie

Subject of the photo is the people with you, pero wag ka na umangle diba!

4) Once in a blue moon

Please don’t selfie every minute, every second of the day. Papag usapan kang GANDANG GANDA ka sa sarili mo

That’s it so far.

So remember, even if Vanity is your favorite sin, it’s still a sin. And the more selfies you have, the lesser your friends are. And we hide you from our feed and will probably delete you if symptoms persist.




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