Working smart

Today’s been so busy. 2 key people of our projects were out yesterday.

It’s been a challenge. I’m thinking if this is the biggest one I have with World Hub. Nevertheless, I’m not complaining and it’s shaping me to work smarter.

Working smart.

The key to working smart for me are the following:
1. Appreciating your job
2. Understanding what you do
3. Respecting the people you work with – this includes their output, time, efforts and personal space
4. Understanding your and your team’s interdependencies

I don’t know how people in this country can afford to throw attitude at work in this kind of economy. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I’m the best and perfect. I’m not rich and I guess I’m lucky to have more than enough at times to cover for limited luxuries. I don’t understand how some people have extreme disregard of their decorum and attitude in the work place.


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