When it’s not for you

I need (haha need!) a down jacket for a trip soon. I found a really really nice and sexy one from Zara. It’s about 8 grand! But then I found this light packable one in Zappos, Calvin Klein for about USD 89. Plus shipping to LA where my MIL was a few weeks back, it’s about USD 95.

I went online to get it but unfortunately the price went up! The total became a dollar short for 100. Nevermind.

Last week, Cary and I went to Aura (my 1st time!!!) And dropped by Uniqlo. Oh heaven. I was in heaven.

They had down jackets in really nice colors. For only Php 3000! Wow! They even have striped tops – long sleeves and stuff. Oh I love it.

I kept telling Cary I was so in love haha silly me. I will hoard in Uniqlo soon!

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