Until You Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

We heard mass last Saturday at Powerplant.

A few minutes before the chapel started filling up with church goers, a lady sat in front of us with her daughter, son and yaya. The son is around 12 years old. He didn’t smell that nice, he even passed gas once, then I later on noticed that he has special needs, hence, his yaya.

The mom was beside her daughter, then the daughter beside her brother, then yaya. The mom seemed quiet and didn’t interact much with her son.

Later on in the middle of mass, she asked her daughter to move over so she could be in between them siblings. She attended to every need of her son patiently. She was singing beautifully while holding her son and daughter, sometimes hugging him even. She was the most caring person I saw that day.

During the kiss of peace, her daughter went to her kuya and said “Happy birthday”. Wow it was his birthday! And during the kiss of peace, their yaya made an effort to greet her boss “Peace be with you ma’am”

I once read in a Harry Potter book that you’ll know how good a person is by the way his subordinates speak of him.

Patience. Love. Things I need. Things I have. Things I ask of You more, please πŸ™‚

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