Awesome Parenting

At Hermanos last night while getting nachos for take out, we shared the resto with a small family.

Mother and father – father looked less than 40, mother looked about 40. Daughter looked like 12, son looked like 7 or 8.

They were waiting for their order, except for dad. Who was already pigging out on his burrito, with a beer on the other hand. Daughter was just looking at her, while son was playing a game on the ipad.

In my 30 years, my daddy never ate ahead of us even if he was so hungry. He never put himself before us. Even of I had the most disagreements with him, I can attest to that fact. My father was a selfless man. My parents are so selfless.

But I’m scared. This might be just like our wedding. There aee things I don’t like but in the wnd they might happen to us. I hope not.

I’m just keeping in mind — I have awesome parents and my husband has awesome parents. We’ll be fine.

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