Highschool Crushes

I’m really not a fan of highschool, especially academics side. I loathed chemistry, Filipino and lab classes. My teachers were ok, I was probably just lazy hehe

Last week we got more lockers in the office. They moved mine nearer to the managers’ desks in the CSR area. I’ll still get to walk a couples of steps to keep me awake in the cold office.

Those lockers brought back a thought I once had when I was in Benilde (I knew my husband then already but we weren’t dating yet). I thought how it would have been nice to have someone walk me to class, caryy my books, stuff like that. Of course I had friends and others who did that to me (even the hideous ones I try to stay away from) but I thought it would be different if it was someone you like (like like, not yet love like, remember, college pa lang!).

Cuter side of things, go back to highschool. I didn’t go to a coed, but you know how in those teeny bopper movies they’d always have those moments by the lockers? Your crush passing by or maybe saying hi … Or even just catching a glimpse of him. Him. Haha. Imaginary dreamboy. I’m imagining Zac Efron now!

Anyhoo, here are my locker photos, walang kwenta!


Office lockers moved!


"My" locker, all confidential Marketing paper work

Who knows, maybe there’s still a chance for those. I’m married, happily married, but I still appreciate the aesthetics God worked on for others.

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