Halloween is coming!!

We had dinner at the Chan’s last night. It was his 33rd. Gang was all there, except for Sheryll. And we all went home late, no one went ahead early. It was a night of kwentos – celeb chismis, married and single lofe, food and cooking, boys nights out, etc. I now get why I’ve been gassy – gross, I know! From all the laughter from last night. Oh did I mention Aiken was still so hyper even at 12 midnight! Cute guy!

So Halloween. I dreamt of the same scene of last night but it was in Charles’ home in Biak na Bato. We were all chatting then we heard a lot of noise from outside the gate. Trick or treaters. We continued with the stories and laughter then we felt a water balloon from the gate that hit the window behind us! The guys hid upstairs and in different rooms, but Carol and I just hid in the kitchen. Later on, we noticed a noise in the back door, and there a few lower batch kids with their soap and water balloons, ready to attack us. Carol and I took some soap and fired it away but they didn’t get back at us muchbecause we’re girls! The guys popped out from their hiding places and attacked the lower class guys!

I woke up at 644am with a really big smile. Halloween is near! I doubtthat I’ll have as much fun as in the dream but the mere thought of Halloween excites and makes me happy.

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